Audiobook Submissions

Submissions for audiobook editorial and/or mastering should follow these guidelines.

  • Must provide MONO WAV files
  • All files should be recorded at 44,100 Sampling Rate and 16 Bit Depth
  • All files must be separated by body - this means chapters, preface, prologue, epilogue, introduction, credits etc should all be separate files.
  • You must provide and opening and closing credit as per Audible and ACX requirements.
  • All files should be free of large mistakes, meaning you fix major errors, stumbles, flubs and re-records. We take it from there and clean, fix and catch other errors that slip by.
  • All files should be raw in format - meaning no processing, normalization or post processing is done on them.
  • All files should have at least 5 seconds of recorded room tone at end - meaning, please record your room at the same setting you used to record the chapter and let it run for over 5 seconds - please don't make any noise during this.

When working with clients we often prefer to work while you're recording the book. If possible, we like to receive the chapters as they are completed. This helps with time management but also enables us to catch sound issues that might be corrected before you finish the book.

VO Support uses for all digital transfers.

Please visit to send files to me.


Audition Quality Check

Our audition quality check service is an opportunity for you to have professional engineers analyze and listen to your studio sound quality. Submissions for this service should...

  • File preferably should be in WAV format. Though MP3 is ok
  • For best results, please record some room tone at end of file for us to listen to
  • If possible, a picture of your studio would help greatly

Submissions for this service will get analyzed for audio quality which includes voice tracking, signal to noise level, equipment choice and technical details like file type, size, channel configuration and naming.

Users of this service can expect a report back on said details and possibly a phone call on how to fix issues. If you reside in the Los Angeles region, you can also purchase a studio consultation, whereby an engineer will come to you and help you improve your sound quality.

VO Support uses We Transfer to send and receive files. Please follow this link to our service.