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Audiobook Editorial


Need help editing? Sick of all the time consuming work? Want to get back to recording and make more money? Let us help you manage your time better by offloading the workload.


Product Description

Audiobooks are our passion. Editing often is not yours! Let us help you get back to¬†recording by taking the editing load off your shoulders. We offer audiobook editorial and quality control at the level requested by Audible. We’re trained audio engineers with years of combined audio ear training and editorial experience.

You send us the WAV files, corrected for mistakes you catch, we’ll send back clean, edited and checked audio files. We’ll also catch script mistakes and send you a QC report for fixes, then add those back into the masters.

This service is sold as ‘Per Finished Hour’, this means we charge by the final runtime of the chapter/book and not by actual clock time. This is often how you¬†get paid too.