One on One Coaching

We offer one to one coaching services for technique improvement, script breakdown, character development and even weekly workouts to keep yourself flexible.

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Audition Quality Check

A great audition depends on good audio. We can analyze your audition and check for opportunities for improvement including technique, recording practices, processing and final level adjustments.

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Studio Consultation

Studio consultations help those interested in getting the best possible sound. We offer studio analysis, material design assistance and even come out and help you optimize your space and equipment for the best possible recordings.

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Application Instruction

Interested in learning Pro Tools, Twisted Wave or Audacity. Looking to improve your recording skills or want to learn better workflows and time management or siganl processing. We'd love to help.

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We offer services directly related to audiobook narrators including editorial and cleanup, mastering to Audible and ACX spec and even a full studio production package.

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Sometimes you just need some advice. We've got years of experience in the field. We can help with technique, coaching, equipment purchases, guidance on style, demo production and can even be a second set of ears to your amazing work.

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